Welcome to U Eye Laser Cosmetic.

What if you could have the beautiful face, the attractive physique, and the confidence you have always wanted?

Welcome to U.

We are a state-of-the-art laser eye and cosmetic surgery clinic in Vaughan, focused on the pursuit of visual perfection and beauty enhancement. We achieve this in two ways: by using the safest, most advanced techniques available in the industry today, and by treating our clients with the ultimate in respect, professionalism and care.


If you are reading this, you are a person who cares about your appearance and vitality. You may have been contemplating plastic surgery for some time, but are unsure about going forward. Perhaps your body isn’t the same since having children, and you are thinking about a tummy tuck or liposuction. You may wish to erase the signs of aging. Or you have always longed for the improved silhouette you would achieve with a breast augmentation. Vision problems are another common motivation; laser eye surgery has made great strides over the past few years in terms of ease, results and cost.

Never has there been a better time to choose cosmetic surgery. The advances in technology have been astounding: procedures that used to require hospitalization are done right in our clinic and you can be back to your normal activities within days or even hours. Non-invasive techniques such as laser skin rejuvenation and lip augmentation provide safe, incredibly effective results immediately.

For every great reason to choose cosmetic surgical or effective non-surgical options that enhance youthful vitality, there are also questions. Is the surgery safe? Will I be thrilled with the results? What can I expect in terms of recovery after my procedure?

At UELC, we understand your concerns. An essential part of our patient relationships is communication. Our highest priority is to listen to you and your objectives so that we can develop a treatment plan that will best address your unique needs. Whatever cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures you ultimately choose, whether it is laser eye care using our new bladeless approach to LASIK or a tasteful enlargement with top of line saline breast implants, we employ a broad variety of techniques before, during, and after surgery to prevent discomfort, and make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

When you arrive for your complimentary consultation in our luxurious, conveniently located clinic in Vaughan, our purpose will be to discuss the specific issues that concern you and for you to learn about all the surgical options available. The consultation also provides an opportunity to ensure that you are comfortable with — and confident in — your surgeon. Your doctor will answer all your questions about the benefits of the various procedures to help you determine what is best suited to you.

While no two bodies are alike, one thing is for certain: you want to live your life with self-confidence and joy. A big part of that is presenting the best possible version of yourself to the world. If you are thinking about improving your physical appearance, take action now – call us today for a free consultation to discuss a better U.

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The UELC Clinic is conveniently located in Vaughan in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The exact address is: 218-2180 Steeles Ave West, Vaughan, Ontario Canada L4K 2Z5 The UELC Clinic is easily accessible from all directions with close proximity to HWY 400 and HWY 407.